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Glitter and Beauty

The smallest particle of an element is an atom. An element consists of the same kind of atoms. Iron (Fe), carbon (C), sulphur (S), mercury (Hg), oxygen (O), etc. are examples of elements.

Elements can be further classified as 

  • Metals,

  • Non-metals

  • Metalloids

  • Noble gases

  • Physical properties
  • Shining surface (in pure state) [called metallic lustre]
  • Generally hard [varies from metal to metal]
  • Malleable [i.e. can be made thin sheets by beating]
  • Ductile [i.e. can be drawn into thin wires]
    • [Gold → Highly ductile]
  • Good conductors of heat
  • High melting point
  • Conduct electricity
  • Produce sound [some metals; these are called sonorous]

  • Non-metals are found in all the three states i.e. solid, liquid and gas, at room temperature.
  • Iodine (non-metal) has lustre
  • Carbon has allotropes (exists in different forms)  
    • Diamond is hard
    • Graphite  (Co…

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