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Improvement in Food Resources

The following activities can lead to an improvement in crop production:

  • Crop variety improvement
  • Crop production improvement
  • Crop protection management

Crop variety improvement methods

  • Hybridization-  It is a method by which two characteristics present in different organisms can be brought together into one organism
  • Changing maturity time- By growing a plant that grows and yields faster, the crop cycle is reduced to increase profit
  • Other agronomical factors- short plants are beneficial in cereals so that nutrition is not consumed by plants to grow taller.

Factors affecting the yield and quality of crops

  • Rainfall
  • Soil quality
  • Diseases
  • Weeds and Pests

Traits to be improved in a crop- 

    • High yield
    • Biotic and abiotic stress resistance like drought, floods, weeds and  pests
    • Wider adaptability
    • Desired agronomic characteristics
    • High nutritional value


  • Nutrient management

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