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  • Chapter tests
  • Unit tests
  • Term tests
  • Detailed solutions in a separate booklet

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Correspondence Test Pack is an printed test pack, specially designed to help students prepare better for their final exams.The test pack consists of three types of tests - Chapter-wise tests, Unit tests and Term tests. Questions in these test packs have been framed to ensure that students learning Maths & Science are at ease.

How will Correspondence Test Pack help you study better?

  • The correspondence test pack consists of 1000+ questions in Maths and Science for better preparation
  • Chapter-wise tests, unit tests & term tests are well organized to provide you ample opportunities to practise before exams
  • For CBSE classes IX & X, Term Tests are aligned to Summative Assessments (SA) as per CCE guidelines
  • Detailed solutions for all the tests provided in a separate booklet for easy reference

Above all, Correspondence Test Pack aims to assess students’ strong and weak areas and boost their self confidence.