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A paragraph is a short piece of writing that consists of a number of sentences written on one topic or idea. A paragraph must begin with a sentence that introduces the topic of the paragraph. It should be followed by sentences that develop the main idea and conclude it by the end.

Thus, a paragraph is a short composition complete in itself. A good paragraph should have the following features:

1. Unity: A paragraph should deal with only one thought or topic. Ideally, readers should get an idea of the theme right at the beginning of the paragraph.

2. Connectivity: The sentences in a paragraph should be well-connected to the central idea. Each sentence should logically follow the previous sentence and should naturally be followed by the next one. Care should be taken to maintain coherence and fluency.

3. Emphasis: A paragraph may include a few ideas related to the central theme. However, all ideas cannot be equally important. Thus, the writer should give each idea as much importance as it deserves.

4. Conclusion: The last …

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