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Life Processes

  • Autotrophic Nutrition
    • Synthesis of food by photosynthesis, Photosynthesis equation 

    •  Leaves are the sites for the synthesis of food.
    • The green pigment called chlorophyll is present in leaves.
    •  Chlorophyll traps solar energy, which is used to prepare food from CO2 and water. Sun is the ultimate source of energy.
    •  Green plants absorb CO2 from atmosphere through tiny pores called stomata.
    •  Stomata are present on the surface of leaves.
    •  Water and minerals are absorbed from soil and are transported to leaves via tiny vessel-like structures present in roots.
    • Chlorophyll, sunlight, CO2, and water are essential raw materials for photosynthesis.
    • Carbohydrates such as starch and oxygen are the product of photosynthesis.
    •  All green plants including green algae show autotrophic nutrition. 
    •  Since the autotrophs manufacture their own food, they are called producers.
    • They form the first link in the food chain and all organisms on the earth obtain the energy directly or indirectly from them.
  • Heterotrophic Nutrition
    •  Generally derive energy from plants and animal sources.
    • The heterotrophs that derive their energy directly from plants are called herbivores and those who derive their energy indirectly i.e. by eating herbivores are called carnivores.
    •  Omnivores- feed on both plants and animals e.g. bear, rat, man etc.
    •  Decomposers- obtain nutrients by breaking down …

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