Your school has recently build a new state of the art auditorium . All the cultural programmes of your school will now be held there. Write a factual description of new auditorium. Hints : it's name, location, size and design, seating capacity, maintenance and cleanliness, other amenities available in auditorium.

Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:
- Recently, a new state of the art auditorium has been inaugurated in our school.
- It has been named after the great scientist and erstwhile President A P J Abdul Kalam and is called Kalam auditorium.
- It has all the modern amenities: central air conditioning, adjustable cushioned seats, 'wi-fi connections' and hearing sets for each seat.
- It has a seating capacity of over fifteen hundred people.
- The first three rows on either side have tables and mikes as well for conducting an interactive session in a symposium or discussion.
- There is feed from a projector on the huge screen in the background, availability for a live feed from back stage and lobby areas.
- There is a snack bar in the porch.
- The maintenance and cleanliness has been outsourced to a company that ensures it is spic and span.

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