You lost your Titan wrist-watch in your school. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words, to be placed on your school notice board. You are a student of class XII of Rani Ahalya Devi Senior Secondary School, Gwalior. Sign as Rani/Ram. Will I be awarded full marks for this question??

Dear student,

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A sample notice is given below:
                                               RANI AHALYA DEVI SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL, GWALIOR

                                                                      LOST! LOST! LOST!
July 26, 20xx.

A Titan wrist-watch​​​​​​​ has been lost in the school campus. It has a black strap and blue dial. If found, kindly return it to the undersigned. A suitable reward of chocolates will be given to the finder.

class XII​​​​​​​


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