Write the entire play : If I were you in the form of a story ....(pls I need it ASAP as I want to study it)

The play 'If I were you' is written by Douglas James. It is a very interesting play with a very surprising end. Gerrard was all ready to go somewhere. While he is busy packing his bag, an intruder enters his cottage with a gun in his hand. He points the gun at Gerrard and makes him sit down on thee diwan and answer his questions. The intruder enquires about his car and the visitors who come to his house. Gerrard is not at all afraid of the intruder and very calmly answers all the questions in a nonchalant manner. He then proceeds to ask the intruder about him and gets shocking replies.
The intruder was a convict who has committed  a murder too and is on the run. While in the town, he saw Gerrard and heard people talking about him. He heard that Gerrard was something of a mystery to the people. He hardly met anyone and ordered his things on the phone. Since both, the intruder and Gerrard were of the same height and built, he thought of a plan. He now confesses to Gerrard that he plans to kill him and  take his place. He wants to stay in the quiet cottage for a while and then move on without the police following him.
Gerrard discloses to the intruder his true identity. He explains that he leads a quiet life because he himself is a criminal, who is sought by the police. He further explains that since he is expecting trouble today, he is all packed and ready to run away. He offers to take the intruder along with him in his car while escaping. Although the intruder is a bit apprehensive at first but agrees to go. Gerraard adds that one of his men is standing on the main road to signal to him by calling if there is trouble. As Gerrard takes him to the door of the garage, the phone rings.Assuming it to be the signal to run, Gerrard asks thee intruder to move. Feeling not so sure, he intruder turns to inspect the door, when Gerrad pushes him inside the cupboard, takes the gun and locks the door. 
He then calls up someone and excuses himself for not being able to complete the order on time due to some amusing trouble. He also asks the person to send the police to his cottage. The conversation tells us that he is a writer or maybe the director of plays and not at all a criminal.

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