Write parts of acrostic poetry --

i) Whenever you go in these holidays collect words for what you see, hear and feel.

ii)When you get to your destination like any typical tourist , take some pictures ,enjoy everything about your experience .

iii) Then on the way home or later make your parts of speech TRAVEL GUIDE FOR TODAY.

Write the chosen part of speech vertically , in all capital letters , down the left side of the paper.

iv) Now create on acrostic poem about this word using only words that are of that for the first time , you will need to think of a noun that start with the letter n such as nest, net or noodle. Then go on to the next line and think of a noun that begins with the letter o, such as octopus, octagon,or ox.Continue in this way until all the vertical letter have been used.

v) Report for other parts of speech. Then compile all the parts of speech pages into a stapled booklet with your favourite trip photo on top.

Please explain how to carry it out and also show the way how to make? (tell the answer?)

This is a creative activity meant to be done on your own. We request you to find the relevant information from books or the Internet. Thank you for your cooperation.

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