Write about the topic “Famous dynasties and important rulers of Delhi Sultanate who ruled over India (Between 1206 to 1526 AD)”.

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1. In your essay write from the establishment of the Delhi sultanate, starting from the slave dynasty
2. Refer to the role of Muhammad Ghori, who laid the foundation of Delhi Sultanate and established an Empire.
 He invaded India occupied Punjab , Sindh fought battles with Prithviraj chauhan and established Turkish rule in India. 
3. After Ghori's death 
Qutub-ud-din Aibak  a former slave of Ghori became the first Delhi Sultan and founded the Mamluk dynasty.​
4. Then talk about 
 Iltumish was a prominent ruler of the Delhi sultanate He was conferred the title of Sultan by the caliph of Bhagdad, which indeed helped him.
5. Then achievemenst of 
, Razia Sultan who was an able and efficient administrator who ruled from 1236 to 1240. Her period of reign could certainly be regarded as a unique period as she established complete law and order,who preferred to dress like a man and being acknowledged as the Sultan
6. Then refer to Balban who became the last ruler of Mamuluk dynasty  

7. Write about Khilji dynasty and its prominent rulers ,​Jalaluddin Khilji. was the founder of Khilji dynasty, who rather was very old when he took over the throne, he ruled from  1290 to 1296. Then refer to the reign of Alauddin Khilji
8.  Write in detail the market, administrative reforms he introduced
9. Refer briefly about the decline of Khiljis and rise of the Tughlaqs, GhiyasuddinTughlaq waho laid the founadtion of Tughlaq dysnasty , followed by Muhammad Bin Tughlaq​, refer to his policies and analyse them
10.Muhammad Bin Tughalq was a great learned scholar. He may be considered genius, for some of his experiments but at the same time a confused person.
We may give example how Muhammad Bin Tughlaq decided to shift his capital From Delhi to Devagiri 
the Deccan renamed it Daulatabad​ to prevent Mongols attacks, that was his foresightedness, but he later re shifted back to Delhi, causing financial loss to the empire.
11. Then write about Feroz shah Tughlaq and write about Sayyid dynasty and Lodhi dynasty
12. Refer in detail about the Sikander Lodhi, Ibrahim Lodhi

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