why our body cannot make food from carbon-dioxide,water and minerals like plants do?

Our body cannot prepare food due to the absence of chlorophyll pigment. This is the only pigment that can absorb solar radiation. Without solar energy, photosynthesis cannot be possible. Thus even presence of carbon dioxide, water or minerals in human body cannot allow to prepare food due to lack of chlorophyll pigments.

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Our body cannot make food from carbon dioxide , water and minerals like plants due to the absence of the green pigment chlorophylll . Chlorophyll helps the plants to trap sunlight. Also the mechanism in a plant body is very different from a human body.So , we cannot make our own food.

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because we are not like plants

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It's simple that we do not have chlorophyll

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Our body structure, habitatual behavior and our lifestlye is very different from the green plants. I agree with Anuska's and Esha's answer that's because we don't have chlorophyll. And I also agree with Dhruv that we are far different from plants.


Hope you understand!

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