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Forests are useful for us in many ways.

  1. They provide us with fresh air, i.e. with oxygen.
  2. They help in bringing down rain.
  3. They provide us with numerous materials of daily use; these include wood as fuel and many other purposes, fruits and nuts etc. as eatables, various medicinal herbs and much more.
  4. They are a reserve of a wide variety of flora and fauna. 

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  Forest provides multiple benefits to environment, people, and animals. The list of benefits is as follows:

• Forest cool air temperature by release of water vapor into the air.
• At day time trees generate oxygen and store carbon dioxide, which helps to clean air.
• Forest attracts wild life and offer food and protection to them.
• Forests offer privacy, reduce light reflection, offer a sound barrier and help guide wind direction and speed.
• Trees offer artistic functions such as creating a background, framing a view, complementing architecture, and so on.
• Well managed forests supply higher quality water with less impurity than water from other resources.
• Some forests raise total water stream, but this is not true for all forests
• Forests help in controlling the level floods.
• Forest provides different kind of wood which are used for different purposes like making of furniture, paper, and pencils and so on.
• Forest help in giving the direction of wind and its speed.
• Forest helps in keeping environment healthy and beautiful.
• Forests also minimize noise pollution.
• Forest helps the scientist to invent new medicine as forest has different kind or plants and herb.

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list 50 products of forests ?

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comparison of four states of India each from North,South,east and west.

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forests are useful because they help in the exchange of gases, it makes rain , it helps in climate control also provides ecological balance
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