who is the speaker in the poem? What is she worried about? can you suggest ways to get rid of silly fears?

 The speaker of the poem 'Whatif' by Shel Silverstein is a young boy who is worried about the endless negative things that could happen in his life.
 As the speaker lies down in his bed to sleep at night, he is worried about all possible things that could go wrong in his life. At first he thinks what would happen if he becomes dumb at school. Then he goes on to worry about various other things. He thinks what if the swimming pool is closed, what if he gets beaten up, what if someone puts poison in his cup, what if he starts to cry, what if he gets sick and dies, what if he fails the test, what if nobody likes him and the list of whatifs goes on. This sort of fears or worries cross the minds of every child.
 To get rid of silly fears, the best thing that children can do is talk to their elders. If they are worried about something they should discuss it with their elders so that they can provide them with a solution or help them get rid of it. Children should always have courage and they should keep themselves prepared for any negative situation.

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