Which is the first archeological inscription of india?

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a. Historians believe that one of the first archaeological inscriptions were that of Indus valley civilization, which however could not be translated.
b. The example of deciphered oldest inscriptions are the edicts of Ashoka,  which dates back to 2250 years ago
c. These inscriptions were written in ​Greek and Aramaic  and are in the form of Prakrit and Brahmi script
d. They have been found in ​Kandahar,  which is present-day Afghanistan.



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The earliest traces of epigraphy in the Indian Subcontinent are found in the undeciphered inscriptions of the Indus Valley Civilization (Indus script), which date back to the early 3rd millennium BC. Two other important archeological classes of symbols are found from the 1st millennium BCE, Megalithic Graffiti Symbols and symbols on punch-marked coins, though most scholars do not consider these to constitute fully linguistic scripts, and their semiotic functions are not well understood.
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That is epigrapht
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Sorry epigraphy
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