Whats the difference between degressive tax and regressive tax????

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Regressive tax
 is a tax where rate of tax decreases as the tax base increases.In regressive tax, total amount of tax increases on high income in absolute sense but in relative sense, tax rate declines on higher income. In regressive tax a high burden falls upon poor than on rich.
For example, Taxes on necessary items. because poor people spend their more income on necessary items and main burden of this tax falls on them.
This tax is unjust and inequitable .
Degressive Tax  are the taxes which are mildly progressive , but not very steep, so that high income earners do not make huge sacrifice on the basis of equity. 
In Degressive tax , tax payable increases only at diminishing rate.

The graph of regressive tax is downward sloping from left to right but the graph of degressive tax starts upward sloping and after a point it gets flat.
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