what were the reasons for the rise of Rajput rulers

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a. Rajputs were the ruling Hindu warrior class of Kshatriya clan.
b. They primarily dominated parts of Northern India particularly present day Rajasthan and present day Pakistan.
c. Referred as Rajputana they made distinctive contribution to the culture of Rajasthan.
d. Rajput kingdoms are known, for their heroic spirit, valor and fortitude.
e. The period between the 8th and 12th centuries was referred as the Rajput period , as they rose to position of dominance and prominence during this period.
f. The first ever Rajput kingdom was set up in Mewar.
g. This period witnessed the rise of many Hindu dynasties like 
 Chahamanas, Chalukyas, Paramaras,who confronted Gaznis.It was later they were recognised as distinct Rajput clans.
h. Number of Rajput kingdoms established control over North India during this period. This period also witnessed revival of Hindu culture and customs.
i. Also it is important to note that Rajputs
 claimed descent from various Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
j. The Suryavanshi's like Guar, 
Minhas, Rathore claim descent from Hindu Sun God.
k. Likewise, Chandelas , Jadega claim descent from Chandravanshi , that is from Moon God.
l. There is also third clan, Agnivanshi,  claim descent from Hindu God of Fire. 
These included  Pariharas, Chauhans, Chaulukyas and Pawars.



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The tripartite struggle gave rise to number of kingdoms in north and central india
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as the 3 kingdoms of gurjara pratiharas, pallas, rashtrakutas contended with each other for kannauj and their kingdoms were captured  by rajputs
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as the 3 kingdoms of gurjara, prathiharas, pallas, rashtrakutas contended with each other for kannauj and their kingdoms were captured by rajputs
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