What Was the reason for civil war in Sri Lanka

i.The democratically elected government adopted a series of majoritarian measures to establish Sinhala supremacy.

ii. In 1956, an Act was passed to recognize Sinhala as the only official language, disregarding Tamil.

iii. The governments followed preferential policies that favoured Sinhala applicants for university positions and government jobs.

iv. A new constitution stipulated that the state should protect and foster Buddhism. All these government measures, coming one after the other, gradually increased the feeling of alienation among the Sri Lankan Tamils.

v.All these government measures increased the feeling of alienation among Sri Lankan Tamils.They felt that the Constitution and government policies denied them equal political rights, discriminated against them in getting jobs and other opportunities and ignored their interests.

vi. The Sri Lankan Tamils launched parties and struggles for- the recognition of Tamil as an official language,- for regional autonomy and- equality of opportunity in securing education and jobs. But their demand was repeatedly denied.

vii. By 1980s, several political organizations were formed demanding an independent Tamil Eelam (state) in northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka. The distrust between the two communities turned into widespread conflict. It soon turned into a civil war.

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Sri Lanka was composed of two main communities - Sinhala and Tamil - among which Sinhala community had a clear majority .they formed the government and started following a policy of majoritarianism which preferred SINHALESE and their new constitution stipulated that the state shall protect and foster Buddhism . all these made Tamil alienated .the thought the government was insensitive towards their language and culture and the are trying to make them dejected.this resulted in the civil war.
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