What was the great miracle that took place? what was it's result?

The great miracle that we come to know from the story “The Tiger King” is that, when Jilani Jung Bahadur or the Tiger King was just ten days old, he not only spoke but also raised intelligent question against the prediction of the astrologers. On his birth the astrologer told that though he will be a great warrior but he would have to die. Hearing that, the tiger king said that every man who takes birth has to die. However, when the astrologer specifically told that he will be killed by a tiger, the brave infant said that tigers should be cautious of him. Everyone was flabbergasted with the whole occurrence.   The story of this miracle spread fast among the villagers and they continued the discussion over many years until one day it went into the ears of the king. As a consequence the brave king decided to set out for the killing of the tigers.

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A miracle took place. The ten-day- old Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur spoke clearly and firmly. Everyone was surprised. The chief astrologer took off his spectacles and gazed intently at the babe.The infant spoke that ''all those who are born will be one day have to die''. He asked the chief astrologer to tell him the cause of his death.

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