what type of questionnaire should be prepared for positive effects of privatisation???

please tell me fast......

A questionnaire cannot be on positive effects of privatization. Positive or negative effects will depend on the answers given by people. So to prepare a questionnaire on the effects of privatization, you can frame questions using following points :

  1. Meaning of privatization. What do you understand by ‘privatization’?
  2. Efficiency: Efficiency is one of the features that make private sector better than public sector.
  3. Competitive price. Do people feel introducing private sectors in different businesses would result in optimum prices without losses to sellers?
  4. Shifting Burden: Since government is engaged with other administrative and welfare work, shifting burden from govt. would be beneficial?
  5. Role of govt.: What role does govt. has to play to support the private players and for greater welfare of the market.

Further, you can go about different features of private sector and frame questions accordingly.

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