What is the order of the processes
Ingestion, digestion, absorption, egestion and assimilation
Also tell the part where the process happens


The order of the processes is as follows:
  • Ingestion: The process of taking in food through the buccal cavity is known as ingestion.
  • Digestion: It is the process of breaking down food into simpler substances. It occurs in the mouth, stomach, and small intestine.
  • Absorption: The process of absorption takes place in the small intestine. Here, the digested food is absorbed in the blood through the villi, which are sac-like structures.
  • Assimilation: The food absorbed by blood is transported to various parts of the body by blood vessels. This process is known as assimilation.
  • Egestion: The process of removing the undigested food material from the body through the anus is known as egestion.

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