What is the importance of the inclination of the earts's axis?

The Earth's axis is 23.5tilted on its axis means it from 66.5angle with the orbital plane of the Earth.
Importance of the inclination of the Earth's axis is 1. it is Responsible for different seasons on the Earth.
2. the length of day and night is also due to tilted axis.
3. irregularity of Solar and Lunar eclipse is due to it. 
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inclination of the earth azis is :
when the axis of the earth makes an angle of 66 1/2 degree with the plane of the orbit . this tilting of the earth is called the inclination of the earths axis .

so the inclination of the earths axis is responsible for the change of seasons in the northern and southern hemisphere

even because of this inclination the days and nighs are not equal

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it is important because it causes seasons
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Inclination of earth axis causes day and night and different seasons
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if its not done then the earth parts will have the same seasons forever
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it is important as it causes seasons.
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Seasons are caused due to the inclination of the earths axis.
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