what is the difference between zoological park and zoo?

 in wich all of the animal or kingdom have a special type of care . or in zoo only care or for showing 

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A zoological garden, zoological park, menagerie, or zoo is a facility in which animals are confined within enclosures, displayed to the public, and in which they may also be bred.

The term zoological garden refers to zoology, the study of animals, a term deriving from the Greek zōon (ζῷον, "animal") and lógos (λóγος, "study"). The abbreviation "zoo" was first used of the London Zoological Gardens, which opened for scientific study in 1828 and to the public in 1847.The number of major animal collections open to the public around the world now exceeds 1,000, around 80 percent of them in cities.

And one more thing, there is no difference between zoo & zoological park, they both r same, ok.......so, cheerzz.....:-D

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i think both r same

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in zoo animals are kept in cages but in zoological parks animals are free in natural habitat
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In zoos animals are kept in cages but in zoological park animals are free in its natural habitats. Ni case of zoo animals are confined but visitors are free to see these animals; but in zoological park visitors(men) are confined in cage like vehicle but animals are free.
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Zoo is a place where The animals are kept in cages wheras zoological park is a place where animals are left freely please thumbs upp to the answer if u feel it as helpfull
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the zoological park is commonly called zoo in other words zoo is shotcut word for zoological
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