What is the difference between retardation and deceleration?



Deceleration and retardation essentially mean the same thing that is rate of change of decrease in velocity. 

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RETARDATION : The other name for negative acceleration.

DECELERATION : A rate of decrease in velocity.

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Both Mean The Same 

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Acceleration is the time rate of change of velocity. Since change can only
mean either the increase or decrease of something, we also speak of two 
kinds of acceleration in physics, namely positive acceleration and negative
acceleration. Positive acceleration increases the speed of a moving object
so the object moves faster and faster. Negative acceleration or deceleration
has the opposite effect and it reduces the speed of a moving object. Since
an object with decreasing speed moves slower and slower, negative 
acceleration or deceleration is also sometimes referred to as retardation, 
in analogy to some people with certain biological problems who react and
think rather slower than most others. So you see, sometimes you can guess
the meaning of some rather technical terms used in physics by thinking about
their meaning in everyday use.

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