What is the difference between rank and taxon?

Taxon is a group of real organism contain in any catagory,but rank is the catagory to which taxa (plural of Taxon)

belong ,eg: ranks/level : species ,genus ,order ,family .......

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Taxon is the scientific name for a category. While rank.is the level.to.which a category if organism.is placed..
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Taxon-A taxon is any taxonomic unit.For example,the class mamalia is a taxon which includes all mamalian speices.similarly,a speices is a taxon,panthera tigris being the tiger.This taxon contains lower taxa which are sub speices,such as panthera tigris (Bengal tiger) or panthera tigris sumatrae (Sumatran tiger). Rank - A Rank is a simply level of taxon in a taxonomic hierachy.For example, Taxa mamalia and Aves both have a same rank since their both classes Panthera Tigris sumatrae is of lower rank than Panthera Tigris because a former is a sub speices and the latter a speices
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