What is the difference between fiber and fabric?


Your friend is right.

Fabric is made from fibres.

  • A fibre is a long strong thread, which is obtained from natural sources or man- made sources.
  • Fabric is a cloth typically produced by weaving or knitting fibres.


More to know:

Fibres are classified into two types

  1. Natural fibres (Plant fibres and Animal fibres) 2.  Synthetic fibres.
  • Plant fibres are obtained from plants. e.g., jute.
  • Animal fibres are obtained from animals, e.g., silk and wool.
  • Fibres which are made by the human are Man-made or Synthetic Fibres, e.g., Rayon.


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 Fibres are the thin threads obtained by animals or plants and fabrics are the clothes produced by them.

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