What is the difference between ball and socket joint and pivotal joint?



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 BALL AND SOCKET JOINT  A type of synovial joint that allows one part to rotate at almost any angle with respect to another. Ball-and-socket joints occur naturally, as in the human hip and shoulder joints, and are also used in machinery. Of all synovial or diarthrodial (fully moveable) joints in the body, ball-and-socket joints are the most mobile and allow movement in three planes.

  • Hip

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  Pivot joint (trochoid jointrotary jointis a joint that moves by rotating. For example, the joint that allows humans to rotatetheir heads on their necks is a pivot joint. They allow rotation.

Pivot joint
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1Ball and socket joint; 2: Condyloid joint(Ellipsoid); 3:Saddle joint; 4 Hinge joint; 5: Pivot joint;

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