WHAT IS PRONOUN ?????????????????????????

Friends, you all have tried real good to answer Divya Jayant's query. However, here is a detailed explanation.
A pronoun is a word that can be used instead of a noun (name of a living being, place or thing).
I, you, we, he, she, it and they are pronouns.
Here is an example of how you can use a pronoun instead of a noun.
Kush went to the market. Kush bought two pens.
(Here “Kush” is noun.)
Kush went to the market. He bought two pens.
(Here we used “he” (pronoun) in the second sentence, instead of the proper noun “Kush”.)
Note: We used pronoun in the following sentence because it is preferable to avoid the repetition of noun.
Hope this helps you.
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he,she,it,themetc are pronouns.

pronoun is a helping word which we use in place of noun to reduce repetation of any particular noun. 

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Pronoun are those which we use in place of noun.

 Ex- Sita was a good girl. Sita completes her homework on time.

So here we can use.....

Sita was a good girl. She completes her homework on time.

So here she is a pronoun.

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 the words which are used as a place of noun

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Hello friend,

A word that can function by itself as a noun phrase and that refers either to the participants in the discourse (e.g., I, you) or to someone or something mentioned elsewhere in the discourse (e.g., she, it, this)

Thank you.

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Just telling you that " a pronoun is something that can in the seat of a noun."

Example if your writting a story, like this :   " Nobby is a good girl , Nobby went home and got a chocolate, Nobby is eating it ect......

Does it sound got ?

No, eventually the reader gets board!!! So, thats why we use the word " HE" instead telling Nobby every single time.

Hope you got my point.

Bye Bye

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Sorry guys

it was supposed to be  Nobby is a good boy

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that word which is used as a place of noun is known as pronoun.


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 Words used in the place of noun are called pronoun.

     cheers! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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 Pronoun is a word that is used insted of noun

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Anything that comes in the place of a noun that is called PRONOUN...................

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