what is nipat

मित्र निपात शब्द वाक्य में किसी शब्द के बाद लगाए जाते हैं ताकि उस शब्द को बल दिया जा सके। तो, ही, भऱ, मात्र ही इत्यादि निपात शब्द होते हैं।

तुमने ही यह काम करना है।

ऊपर दिए वाक्य में तुमने के साथ 'ही' शब्द लगकर उसे बल दे रहा है। अतः यह निपात शब्द हुआ।

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nipat is a helping word. in english we call nipat as axiluary. ex: is, but etc............ can be axiluary.

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During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, INS Nipat was part of the Operation Trident strike force. On the afternoon of December 4, the strike group made its way towards Karachi. Late that evening, around 70 miles south of Karachi, the Nipat detected a large target about 42 miles to the northeast, later identified as the merchant vessel, MV Venus Challenger, chartered by the Pakistan Navy to carry US ammunition to East Pakistan. It had Pakistani naval officers and sailors on board. The Nipat launched 2 missiles on MV Venus Challenger, sinking it.

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