what is hunsgi and why is it important?

Hunasagi is a village in the north-western part of Karnataka. Its importance lies in the fact that it is the location of a number of early Paleolithic sites. A large number of stone tools and weapons have been discovered from this area which suggests that it was habitat as well as a factory for making these equipments during the Paleolithic age.

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Hunasagi(Hunsagi,Kannada:ಹುಣಸಗಿ) is a village in theShorapurtaluk ofYadgir districtinKarnatakastate,India.[1][2]A number of early Palaeolithic sites were found in Hunasagi.[3]Hunasagi is 48km southwest of the distinct headquarters,Yadgirand 20km from Shorapur. The nearestrailheadis in Yadgir.[4]

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