what is gravitational force? please answer.


Gravitational force is the universal force that act in between all the masses in the universe. Gravitational force  surrounds us. It is what decides how much we weigh and how far a basketball will travel when thrown before it returns to the surface. The gravitational force on Earth is equal to the force the Earth exerts on you. At rest, on or near the surface of the Earth, the gravitational force equals your weight. On a different astronomical body like Venus or the Moon, the acceleration of gravity is different than on Earth, so if you were to stand on a scale, it would show you that you weigh a different amount than on Earth.

According to Newtons law of gravitation, every point mass attracts every single other point masses by a force (acting along the line joining their centres) which is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.
mathematically we can write as,

Fm1m2F1r2F is the gravitational force between two bodiesm1 is the mass of the first bodym2 is the mass of the second body r is the distance between the centres of two bodies Then force exerted by two bodies with mass m1 and m2, whose centres is r units apart is given as:F =Gm1m2r2where Gis the universal gravitational constant

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