What is climate? What are factors affecting climate?

 Climate is the long term average temperature of a place

The factors that affect the climate are-



3)Distance from the sea

4)Relief(Mountain and hill)

5)Upper air current

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Climate is the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period. The factors affecting climate are:

  • distance from the sea
  • ocean currents
  • direction of prevailing winds
  • shape of the land (known as 'relief' or 'topography')
  • distance from the equator
  • the El Niño phenomenon- El Niño refers to the irregular warming of surface water in the Pacific.
  • Human influence

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Climate is defined as an area's long-term weather patterns.

Factors effecting climate are:
-latitude from the equator
-distance from the ocean/sea/any other hydrological feature
-surrounding natural features such as mountains or forests that can alter precipitation and weather
- ocean currents
-human activity such as pollution or 'urban jungles' where a regions climate can be artificially warmed up by the effects of concrete and decreased water runoff causeing increased precipitation

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