What does it mean if a water sample has more BOD?

BOD is Biological Oxygen demand. It is the measure of the amount of oxygen that would be required by microbes  to decompose all the organic matter present in a litre of the sample. If BOD is more, then it can be understood that the sample is highly polluted. 
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@ meenakshi 

BOD is simply means the amount of oxygen demand to convert the organic waste matter into simpler form ..

now, when the aerobic bacteria will degrade these organic matter into simple form , then they will consume the oxygen and will increase the DO (DEMAND OF OXYGEN ) 

so, the water sample has more BOD means the water sample is more polluted , as more demand of oxygen refers to more no of aerobic bacteria present and more aerobic bacteria present means more amount of waste matter ..



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It means that the water is more polluted
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BOD means biochemical oxygen demand. it means that water requires more amount of oxygen. hence we can say that the water is polluted.
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it means water is more polluted.
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