what do you mean by free and fair election?

Free and fair elections refers to those elections which are not based on any political torture . it happen in a democratic and social way in which everybody have the right to choose their representatives according to their choices,their wishes and their will. and the competing parties dont try to influence people to choose them as their representative as its a crime!!

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 Free and fair elections mean where the contesting parties do not try to influence the people to cast their votes in their favour by wrong methods and where the people have freedom to vote for the desired candiate.

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Free and fair elections means 

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for a democratic election free and fair elections are very important

free and fair election means there are no malpractices practiced during elections, to check this we have a independent election commisson, each party is given a fixed amount of money i.e. 25 lakh .each member who can vote can also fight election if he or she is not having any criminal case pending or is mentally sound.election campaigning is stopped before 48 hours of election.....

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A free and fair election basically means that the election is free from coercion. Voters must be free to choose their candidates without fear of persecution either from the state or other citizens. Parties must be able to nominate themselves for government without fear of persecution and violence from the current government, military or from opposition parties. The counting of the votes must also be transparent and independent to ensure that the election votes are not tampered with.Basically, to ensure they are free and fair you need someone who will make them so, regardless of any bribes or threat attempts against their person.

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