What did the narrator recall about the silver cutlery she saw at Mrs Dorliing's house ?

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The narrator was in search for her mother?s belongings, their household objects, which had been taken away by Mrs. Dorling for safekeeping. At first, she did not show any sign of having recognised the narrator. But the latter realised that she had come to the right place since Mrs. Dorling was wearing her mother's green knitted cardigan. Mrs. Dorling said that she had thought nobody of the narrator's family had survived the war, and that she had nothing left of her mother's belongings. She refused even to talk to her saying that it was not a convenient time.
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Looking at the silver cutlery in Mrs. Dorling's house,the narrator remembers an incident when her mother asked her if she would help her polish the silver.It was then when she realised that the spons,forks,knives and even the cutlery they are off everyday were of silver
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