what causes tsunami

 they are mostly caused due to the earthquakes underwater

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A tsunami (Japanese for harbor wave) can be caused when a large volume of water in a sea or ocean is displaced. Tsunamis can happen most anywhere that there is an ocean or giant body of water. They especially happen where major natural events like underwater earthquakes or volcanoes can happen. 

A tsunami can be generated when convergent or destructive plate boundaries abruptly move and vertically displace the overlying water. There is usually a movement underwater, like an earthquake, where the earth's plates push together, or a landslide, which causes a wave to be generated. When tectonic plates slide on each other, that's when an earthquake may happen. Because they can slide under the ocean, the impact can make the water form a giant wave. This wave is massive - nothing like what a surfer seeks. The wave can be meters high, and as it rushes closer to the coast it gains enough momentum to wreak massive damage on land. The momentum slows upon reaching land, but it is still a major force. 

Get in a pool or the bath tub and put your hand a good ways down and then pull it up quickly but not out of the water, pull up strong but don't break the surface and watch the result. Not exactly a tsunami, but a simple version of the science. 

Tsunamis can be caused from different kinds of events, including, but not limited to: 

  • Sea bed earthquake, displacing water (the most likely cause).
  • Distance landslides into the ocean or sea.
  • Tropical storms or hurricanes.
  • Volcanic disruption.
  • Meteor striking the ocean or sea.

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What causes 
a tsunami?
Unfortunately tsunamis have been 
given numerous names in the past that 
are misleading. Even the word tsunami 
meaning ‘harbour wave’ is misleading!
All tsunami are caused by the sudden 
displacement of large volumes of water. 
All are the result of violent events with 
enough power to displace large volumes 
very rapidly. However, tsunami may be 
caused by events that are not local to 
the tsunami site. Because the waves 
have been generated by huge releases 
of energy and they travel so effectively 
through the deep ocean some tsunami are 
caused by events that literally happen on 
the other side of the world.The usual causes of a tsunami are:
an earthquake
- most tsunamis are caused 
by submarine earthquakes but 
not all submarine earthquakes 
cause tsunamis. Movement on 
the fault must have a vertical 
component that generates 
sufficient displacement to 
set a tsunami running
a landslide
- underwater landslides or coastal 
landslides that fall into the ocean 
can displace enough water to 
create a tsunami. Sometimes 
the landslides are caused by 
a volcanic eruption or explosion
- submarine explosions, caldera 
collapse and massive pyroclastic 
flows can all cause sufficient 
displacement of water to 
generate a tsunami.
impact by a meteorite
- large meteorites have a high 
probability of landing in the 
ocean and causing a tsunami 
given that about two thirds 
of the surface of the Earth 
is covered by water.

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what causes earthquake?????

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