What arethe basic elements of the survey method? What is chief advantage ofthis method?

The basicelements of the survey method are:

(i) Surveyis the best method applied in studying a large area.

(ii) It ismostly based on random sampling.

(iii)These samplings are done in such a way that the samples representevery strata and characteristics of the community.

(iv)Random sampling is preferred to avoid biasness.

(v)Interviews and questionnaire techniques are used in sampling method.

(vi) Thequestionnaire can be filled by the respondent at his place and sentthrough post or the sociologist himself may go to the respondent andcomplete the questionnaire.

(vii) Thequestionnaire can be filled and sent through email.

(viii) Theinterview can be conducted online or on telephone.

Its mainadvantages are:

(i)Survey method is the best known sociological method. In situationswhere census is not possible survey method is used.

(ii)It gives an accurate picture of the community through sampling.

(iii)In comparison to census or participant observation, less time andmoney is spend.

(iv)It provides a real picture that is made on the basis of collectiverepresentativeness than on single individuals.

(v)Many problems are visible at this level, which cannot be identifiedat the micro level research.

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