what are the polinators of cucumber, peepal, coriander, papaya, onion, lobia, cotton, tobacco, rose, lemon ,eucalptus, banana

The pollinators are as follows:-
Cucumber- Bumble bees and honeybees
Peepal- Wasp
Coriander- ​majority of insect pollinators
Papaya- ​bees, hawkmoths etc
Onion- insects such as honeybees
Lobia- insects such as wasps
Cotton- Bees
Tobacco- it can self pollinate but sometimes uses pollinators like ​hawkmoths.
Rose- Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds
Lemon- Bees
Eucalyptus- ​mainly pollinated by insects, but birds and small mammals may also act as pollinators
Banana- bats

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