What are the main features of the Medieval  Period in India?

Main features of Mediaeval Period in India include:

1.Medieval Period lasted from 8th to 18th century. Many changes were taking place in the Indian society due to the country's growing contacts with foreigners such as the Arabs, the Turks and the people of South- East Asian countries.

2.In the early mediaeval period, northern India was divided into a number of kingdoms. These kingdoms engaged in war with one another.There was no powerful kingdom in the North India at that time.In the south, the Cholas became very powerful.

3. The society in this period became more differentiated. People were grouped on the basis of jatis and sub-castes. The Brahmins became the dominant caste of the society. Many temples grew due to the patronage of the  Brahmins.

4. This was a period of great mobility. Large groups of people travelled over long distances in search of fortune and wealth.Rajputs became more popular during this period.

5. Many European traders like the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French and the British arrived India.

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