what are the different 'poetic devices' used to compose a poem?

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Poetic Devices(Definitions withExamples)

Allegory: a story in which the characters,settings, and eventsstand for abstract or moralconcepts.Example: The morality play Everyman deals with the death of a characterthatrepresents himself and every human being.Example: Pilgrims Progress: Garth tellingBellicent the tale of a youth who wanted toclimb a tree to get a golden egg laid by a royal eagle (a story told in symbols).Alliteration:the repetition of initial consonantsounds.Example: When to the sessions ofsweetsilent thought / I summon up remembrance ofthings past (Shakespeare, Sonnet 30).
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character that represents

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Alliteration:- The repetation of initial consonant sounds.

Simili:- Compare between things using like or for.

Metaphor: Compare between things without using like or for.

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