What are the alternative channels available for agricultural marketing? Give some examples.

The small and marginal farmers, selling their product through the middlemen, were exploited by these middlemen. The farmers were not given appropriate price for their product. In this context; there arose a need for an alternative marketing channel. Under this channel, the farmers can sell their product directly to the consumers that would fetch them comparatively higher price, thereby, attractive profits. Some of the examples of alternative agricultural marketing are Apni Mandi in states like Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, Hadaspar Mandi in Pune, Rythu Bazars in Andhra Pradesh, Uzhavar Sandies in Tamil Nadu. Another alternative channel for agricultural marketing is the contract of direct sales between the farmers and the national and international companies. These companies offer advance payments to the farmers for supplying products at pre-determined rates. These alternative agricultural channels raise farmer’s income and simultaneously reduce price risk for the small and marginal farmers.

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