What are finite ,non finite ,gerund,infinite & participle verbs??????Kindly explain in a detailed way plzzzzzz.........

  • Finite verbs are those that agree with the subject and mark the tense of the sentence. They are the main verbs of the sentence.
For eg- He ran to the store. The verb 'ran' is a finite verb since it agrees with the subject and marks the past tense of the sentence.
  • Non-finite verbs are those that do not agree with the subject and are neutral. They depend on the main verb in the sentence. 
For eg- He ran to the store to get a band-aid. Here the verb 'to get' is a non-finite verb.

Non-finite verbs are used in three forms
  1.  Gerunds- These are usually followed by -ing and the verb acts as a noun in the sentence. For eg - Swimming is good for health. Here the verb swimming is a gerund since it indicates the activity of swimming as a noun without a tense.
  2. Participles- These occur either as present participle followed by -ing or as past participles. These verbs modify nouns as adjectives or verbs as adverbs. For eg- The sleeping man over there is my father. The fish eaten was poisoned. Here the verbs sleeping and eaten are used to modify the quality of the man and the fish respectively, hence they are participles. Present participle and past participle verbs when used with the progressive forms of 'be' or 'have' respectively form present continuous and past perfect tenses.
  3. Infinite- Infinite verbs have various uses and are generally the basic form of the verb preceded by to- For eg- It was nice to meet you. Here 'to meet' is an infinite verb. Infinite verbs can also exist without 'to' in the form of a bare infinitive. For eg- I can sleep all day long. Here sleep does not mark the tense of the sentence and is used as a bare infinitive. 
For further explanation, you can refer to the following link and get back to resolve further queries if any.



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