what announcement did M.Hamel made?what was the impact of the same on the franz?

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M. Hamel announced that it was the last French lesson because an order had come from Berlin and it was told that French would no longer be taught in schools. German would be taught in schools from the very next day and thus, M. Hamel was going away. The words were like a thunderclap to Franz. Suddenly, his books felt dear to him and he felt sorry for not paying attention to his lessons. He felt bad for M. Hamel as well.


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M.Hamel announced that today is the last day of the french language. From tomorrow onwards german language will be taught, it is the order from berlin.Franz was shocked after listening this news, he want to study french only.Even now he was ready to take punishment from M.Hamel.He dont want M..Hamel to leave the school.
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