?Together they have imposed the baggage on the child that he cannot put down. Before he is aware, he accepts it as naturally as his father. To do anything else would mean to dare. And daring is not part of his growing up.?
a. Who has imposed the ?baggage? on the child?
b. What does the child accept as naturally as his father?
c. Why is ?daring? not a part of his growing up?
d. Name the lesson and the author.

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Dear student
a) Mukesh's family and some moneylenders , middle men , policemen, keepers of the law and politicians have imposed  baggage on the child. The baggage on the child is to earn money. Child cannot get rid of it due to extreme poverty and lack of opportunity.  
b) The child accept bangle- making as naturally as his father.
c) We see in the lesson that Mukesh's grandmother told him that they were born in a bangle makers caste so it is their karma to make bangles. Even if Mukesh insisted, his family members won't allow him to do anything other than bangle making. Due to years of mind numbing, his family don't / can't dream for big things. People raised there are not ready to take challenges. So , even if Mukesh wanted to do something else, it would mean that he is daring but daring is not a part of his life.
d) The name of chapter is - " Lost Spring" by Anees Jung.

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