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If I were born a hundred years ago, I would have enjoyed pure air without any pollution, green trees and pure environment. There would be nothing like deforestation. I would have spent my evening time with my family. My family would have been joint and not a nuclear one. We would all have enjoyed together. Nowadays, people don’t have time to open up their heart to their close ones because of their time schedule. I would have lived hale and healthy without any health issues due to the healthy food habits, which are becoming obsolete these days.

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If I were born hundred years ago, I must be living like a early human and can observe the discovery of fire copper houses etc that were discovered. And can also discovered the things that were discovered hundred years ago like other Revolt I could climb the Mount Everest that I can do now also but doing that time can make that adventure very precious for me as now it is very common but a hundred years ago that was the most uncommon thing to climb every mountain and for this I could get any world record also. I would also lack of many things like a lack expressions to express feelings. I could have altered and involved in many discoveries and inventions. I could have a lack of convenience is also. I would have a part of the freedom struggle.
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