There is an error in each of the lines against which a blank is given:-

A poor peasant boy found a

polished blue stone a forest. a) -----

The stone turned out to a b) -----

dragon's egg. When hatched, c) -----

he was thrust a perilious new d) -----

world magic and power. with the e) -----

help of ancient sword and an old f) -----

storryteller, the boy his dragon g) -----

succeeded defeating an evil king. h) -----

The required paragraph with the necessary changes made is given here:

A poor peasant boy found a 

polished blue stone in a forest. 

The stone turned out to be

dragon's egg. When it hatched, 

he was thrust into a perilious new 

world of magic and power. With the 

help of ancient an sword and an old 

storyteller, the boy with his dragon 

succeeded in defeating an evil king 

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