The equilibrium A(g) + 4B(g) <--------> AB 4 (g) is attained by mixing equal moles of A and B in a one litre vessel. Then at equilibrium:- (Kindly explain the answer also)

a) [A] = [B]
b) [A] > [B]
c) [A] < [B]
d) [AB4] > [A]

Kindly answer sir/mam.

Dear Student,

Please find below the solution to the asked query:

Consider the equilibrium reaction.

                                                     Ag    +    4 Bg        AB4gInitial concentration                      a                   a                     0Equilibrium concentration         a-x          a-4x              x

Thus, at equilibrium it is quite clear that, [A] > [B].

Hence, the correct answer is b)

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