suppose you visited uttarakhand during your summer vacation and you spent 10-15 days now write your observations of every day whatever you had experienced or onserved.

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  • Our drive to Uttarakhand was itself the beginning of an immensely enriching experience, as the city landscape changed into lush mountains our moods lifted up.
  • The smell of the fresh air, a mix of wood, leaves, and mud reminded me of Grandma's house and childhood memories.
  • We travelled all day long only to rest at night, however, the scenery every morning boosted our spirits and we felt no fatigue.
  • We stayed at the Goat Village, devoted to providing an authentic Garhwali experience with sustainable tourism, an initiative for rural women empowerment.
  • The trip rejuvenated us just like the first rains do to the earth after the heat of summers. 
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