suggest measure to check communalism in india

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a Communalism is  an important factor which  means that people of the same religion have common cultural, economic,political and social interests. Thus religion based communities form the as the primary unit of a society.
 b. According to communal ideology,people of different religions have divergent interests and this can prove to be antagonistic. This often leads to communal tensions. Communalism, thus, is a severe threat of the harmony and secular spirit of a country as it generally takes the form of riots and violence.  
c. Religion as a social factor is exploited by the politicians for electoral gains, who uses religious symbols, values to incite the masses against a particular religious community.We may give example of 1992, communal riots , followed by riots in Bombay,   Godhra riots 2002, where political parties have pitted one group against another for electoral gains.
d. The best way to contain communalism is complete ban on using religion as a political factor for vote bank politics.
e. Then ban on religion based on groups and parties can serve as an effective medium to control communalism.
f. Effectively promote the ideology of Secularism.
g. Generating greater awareness among the people.
h. Religion based mobilisation must be discouraged.


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