State the ratio in which the partners share accumulated profits when there is a change in the profit sharing ratio among existing partners

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Adjustment in case of accumulated profit is done in two ways:
1. When profits are to be shown in new balance sheet than profit will be distributed in gaining and sacrificing ratio.
 Date  Particulars  LF  Debit (Rs.)  Credit (Rs.)
   Gaining partner's capital A/c                           Dr.
           To Sacrificing partner's capital A/c
 (Being adjustment made through partner's capital account)

2. When profits are not to be shown in new balance sheet than profits will be distributed in old profit sharing ratio
 Date  Particulars  LF  Debit (Rs.)  Credit (Rs.)
   Profit and reserve A/c                       Dr.
          To partners's capital A/c
 (Being profit distributed to partners capital A/c)
   Partner's Capital A/c                        Dr.
         To Profit and losses A/c
 (Being losses distributed to partner's capital a/c)


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