State and define all the new policies introduced by the Indian Government in the last 10 years.

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Some of the important policies that have been introduced by the government are:

a.  Bachat Lamp scheme ( 2006 ) which aims to provide electricity in the remote areas and reduce the cost of fluorescent lamps/bulbs
b. Policy of demonitisation ( 2016) which aimed to  bring about a cash less economy all transactions take place digitally, through credit, debt cards, online banking etc. Demonitisation  was  basically a policy initiative taken and enacted by the government of India , whereby Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that all 500 and 100 Re notes will cease to be a legal tender and would be invalid.
c. Digital India programme, which aims to provide e services to the people, and also encourage the use of IT in the government sector. It is an effort to ensure transparency in the system.
d. GST- ( 2017 ) GST that is goods and services tax , is a uniform tax or a single tax that will be levied on goods and services at the final level of consumption.GST demands filing of income tax returns and other payments through online, to bring about fairness and transparency .
e. Pradhan mantri Jan dhan yojna  ( 2014) which aims to provide all; bank related services like deposit, credit to all in a affordable manner.
f.  Rajiv Awas Yojna  ( 2013 )which aims to bring about slum free India, and to provide basic facilities and amenities to all.



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